Friday, March 3, 2017

After Degas' Ballerina

I visited Degas’ ballerinas. The exhibit was at the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston in December. I wanted a ballerina of my own.

I tried to figure out which ballerina I wanted; I especially liked the woman bowing holding flowers in her green tutu.

I bought a Tracer Projector several years ago & tried it once. The postcard sized photo goes under the Tracer and projects about 2 feet away to about 18 inches tall. 

The projected shadowy screen image frustrated me.  I thought I’d try to use it again before I gave it away.

This time I used it in a darkened room; it gave me a good outline to follow as long as I did not move the canvas too much. I had to re-position it a few times.

And I worked in the dark!

Pastels seems to work OK. 

Plus these earth tones:

After drawing an outline I turned off the projector and drew in the details with the pastels. 

It came out similar but it is an Anne Rita Taylor, not a Degas. I was pleased anyway. It is 16 inches wide by 20 inches tall. It hangs in my bedroom. What do you think of it?
©Anne Rita Taylor 2017

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