Friday, May 13, 2016

Discovering Calligraphic Space

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

Marina Soria’s workshop in 2015, offered to members of the Houston Calligraphy Guild,  “Empty Space: Womb of Shape,” gave me a fun process to use calligraphy in a new and exciting way. We started by writing a very short phrase we liked which we would use during the two day workshop.

I used the calligraphic hand called Uncial, and wrote part of a poem I wrote several years ago, titled: Fellowship of Man - The last paragraph: We know who we are. / We are a mystical union of energy / Pulsing vibrantly. / We are each other.

Marina talked about Taoist Principles, retaining extreme stillness is one was of looking at Empty Space which conveys information by means of a lack of image. Lao Zi stated, “Knowing the white, retaining the black, it is the form of the world.” Interesting ideas!

I wrote my quote several times with a 3.8mm Parallel Pen, quickly realizing it was too long, so I left out words. We traced our quotes; painted with watercolor the spaces between the letters; left out the empty space in the middle; and found geometric shapes within our design. We were finally ready to sew our books, using a Japanese stab binding technique.

We were all inspired! Marina has 20 years of calligraphic experience, taught graphic design: University of Buenos Aires, published in Letter Arts Review, exhibited painting and calligraphy in museums and art galleries in Uruguay, USA, Spain, Japan, Russia and Germany. Read more about Marina’s experience on her website:

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