Friday, June 2, 2017

Paris Shopping for Yarn

Baby blanket I crocheted with my French yarn

While in Paris go to the Passage du Grand Cerf and find a shop called Lil Weasel if you want to buy yarn - made in France of course. Going from the 1st District (or Arrondissement) near The Louvre, the Passage is about a half hour walk to the 2nd District.

The Passage du Grand Nerf was created in 1825, among the first shopping malls. Businesses are on the ground floor, storage areas on the second, and apartments are located on the third floor, very pretty & compact.

Close-up of my crochet stitches
Mostly yarn and buttons are sold at Lil Weasel. Other shops: eyeglasses, antiques, furniture, clothing, plus a cafe. The Passage has grown in popularity - now boasts 25 shops. 
I found pretty yarn and gave my business to the friendly French woman who also spoke English. We had a lovely time chatting. I also bought these Eiffel Tower buttons and plan to use them on a sweater.

These are about the size of an American quarter

Find Lil Weasel on Facebook here:

The interior of the mall is the width of the street with a glass roof.

I bought several skeins - though it seems as if there is too much yarn to possibly choose.

Buy a tote bag in the mall - who doesn't need another bag when you are traveling?

You can spend all day in The Passage! Then walk back to the 1st District and go to the Air France office to get your Boarding Pass printed the day before your flight. They are very friendly. 
Bon Voyage!
©Anne Rita Taylor 2017


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  2. Thanks for your comment Emily! I'm not familiar with those brands in your links. In the USA I use the Xyron for laminating, the Carl rotary cutter, and The Cinch for comb binding.

  3. You look great! Have you lost weight? Love all the pretty pictures and your journals are awesome!

    1. Thanks Sandee! Actually have been losing a little weight - thanks for noticing - and I appreciate your comments!