Friday, June 16, 2017

Teaching Book Arts

I have been teaching at the Houston Book Arts Guild since 2008 when I taught Zine-making at a meeting. Fun to share!

Thanks! to Marjorie Silverstein for taking these photos of my cover gluing demonstration
HBAG was founded December 2005 by then Museum Curator, Todd Samuelson, at The Printing Museum in Houston. We had learning experiences at each monthly meeting. We now meet from September through June on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

I enjoy putting together all the materials, receiving the RSVPs, and volunteering to teach and share my knowledge. Sometimes there is no fee for supplies and other times the fee is $5 to $10 for a kit. 

Storybook Theatre books I learned & taught from Alisa Golden's book: Making Handmade Books
I taught Halloween Star Books in 2009, Accordion Variations in 2010, twice in 2013: Storybook Theater in February & Calligraphy - Decorated Capitals in September, team-taught with Cori Austin & JF Gold: Altered Books in 2014. My favorite: I taught Carving Rubber Stamps in 2011 & 2016.

At the June 1st meeting participants learned the Guest / Photo Album for a $7 fee. The album kits, by Arnold Grummer, sell for $9 each or a dozen at $7 each.

I put together packets, providing the glue and asked the 12 students to bring scissors, bone folders and a glue brush. I tried to find metal spacer bars - now sold in sets by Volcano Arts. I wanted each student to have their own, so I cut 20 pieces of Davey board: 12 inches by a quarter inch.

Herb Craft with his completed Photo Album

Everyone had a good time making their albums! I had fun too - spending time with my book arts tribe.

Also at the HBAG meeting there was a changing of the guard with Lee Steiner - who has been a fabulous leader - passing her Presidential tiara to Janet Reynolds! I'm looking forward to more enriching learning experiences. Field trip anyone!?!
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