Friday, October 14, 2016

Swapping Journal Pages

I had fun carving and journaling recently; it reminded me of my past participation in Art Journal swaps.
Before the current layering craze - to paint backgrounds, drop inks, fill in parts of stencils - we recorded daily personal events in our journals; sometimes adding illustrations.

Mostly I used quotes to practice calligraphy plus printed my carvings or used commercial rubber stamps.
I wrote about my travels in my handmade books. For one of the swaps: Twenty-five journalers exchanged Travel Journal pages.
One person would host and send the pages to those participating. Fun to receive photos, sketching, or just words.
I still participate in a carving swap as I mentioned last week:
And I am wondering about what image to carve for Christmas cards this year.
I still enjoy playing with calligraphy and rubber stamps in my journals. What are your favorite art journaling techniques?
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

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