Friday, December 9, 2016

Sculpting in Clay

In the 1980’s I sculpted in clay; also known as multi-glaze terracotta figures. When I visited the Rodin Museum in Paris it was fun to see the same techniques used by Auguste Rodin.
My sculpture of my husband, Kevin Taylor, immortalized in clay.
Through volunteering at the Art League Houston I met Toni Jones who asked me to place my sculpture in her gallery and gift shop. 
Self-portrait I sculpted in clay with gold glaze in the 1980's
Toni Jones sold a few of my smaller pieces in her gift shop. And my sculpture was part of a group show.
A few River Oaks residents gave me commissions to sculpt them in clay. I worked mostly from photos; they wanted portraits from the time they were young and beautiful. 
Sculptural plaque I made from a photo of myself when I was 4 years old
Toni Jones let me know that in order to sell more clay figures, I should make whimsical pieces, such as a toad playing a violin. I sculpted a penguin instead, not playing any instruments.

In 1986 the Houston public TV station, Channel 8 held an auction to celebrate Houston’s 150 years: the sesquicentennial. I sculpted and donated Sam Houston, appraised by the International Society of Appraisers for $500 and sold!

I loved sculpting! And I was a professional sculptor selling in an art gallery and three gift shops. It can be done - you can do it! Another phase of life because I love to make art. Although I did return to the corporate world for the money. Do you have any thoughts about making art & making money!?!
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

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