Friday, December 16, 2016

Cards for Christmas

Every December the Houston Calligraphy Guild has members exchange up to three Christmas cards that we can actually send to others. There is a numbering system at the meeting so you never know which cards you’ll receive.
My Xyron machine added adhesive to the back of the green paper. Double-sided tape works too.
Happy to say - my carved stamps make unique cards. See my carving instructions here: - I carved the deer, ornament, PEACE, Merry Christmas, the tree and small circle. The Earth stamp was from All Night Media - out of business from my Google search.
On my visit to Hobby Lobby last week I found Christmas stamps too. Here is the Christmas Ornament card with supplies used.
And I carved a Christmas tree with open circles for tree ornaments and the planet Earth.
Do you send Christmas cards - store-bought or home-made? Are you satisfied with sending a text!?! What Christmas cards, if any, are you sending this year?
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

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