Friday, July 7, 2017

My Woodcut

Several years ago I took a wood cutting class where I did not learn anything. I made this woodcut prior to the class as I tried out my new cutting tools. It is my only woodcut!

For the last two years I’ve been a member of the Rubber Amateur Press Society and we have a quarterly swap of hand-stamped images. Click here for my October blog:
Since I had not carved anything recently and the due date of April 30th was approaching, I thought of my wood carving. 

I could have used the Press at The Printing Museum in Houston, but they are renovating due to a fire last May. How would I print? I tried printing using my Arnold Grummer Paper Press and it worked OK.

I carefully lined up the paper and placed the inked wood as close to the middle as possible and lowered the press.

I used water based ink and rolled it on a piece of copper side-taped glass before rolling the ink on the woodcut. My first one came out great, pictured up top.

The third time came out too light, so I added ink and rolled again, great images for 3 of them, so I added more ink - then it came out too dark.

It took me 24 prints to have 15 OK prints to swap. I'm experimenting with the lighter ones to add some color. I tried coloring in the circle to have the Sun but I like the black & white Moon effect better.

I bought the Wood Carving tools at Walmart plus I already had the extra V-shaped cutting tool in my carving supplies. The piece of wood is from Hobby Lobby.

All in all, I think they came out OK. Although I plan to do more experimenting. Any thoughts from any of my blog readers is appreciated.
©Anne Rita Taylor 2017


  1. Anne there seems to be no end to your talents. I absolutely love these.

    1. Thanks Roxie! Fun to try other mediums - so far only have one Woodcut!

  2. dear anne,

    your woodcut is LOVELY. go check out Mark Hearld's WorkBook . he's one of my fav artists and your bird reminds me of his style. i think you will like v. much!

  3. Thanks Mary Ann! I checked out Goggle images for Mark Hearld - I do like his style - just might have to buy his book too!