Friday, January 1, 2016


The reason for creating this blog is to have fun - sharing knowledge of my interests. The last 20 years have been spent learning calligraphy, art journaling and making books, mostly by taking weekend workshops.

Plus I taught - my instruction included various forms of book-making at the Houston Book Arts Guild and Austin Book Workers. At the Houston Calligraphy Guild I taught White Vine Lettering, Star Books, and Accordion Variations. I also taught Carving an Image at various places in Houston, including The Printing Museum.

My other interests: writing, reading, carving images, painting, beading, making collages, crocheting, flower arranging, traveling, leading demos and workshops, playing with origami, and making Zines.

I hope you read my blog; while learning new ideas, mostly with book arts and calligraphy, you will get inspired!  Buy my handmade books on Etsy:

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016


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    1. Thanks Eddie! - I plan to post once a week - please check in next Friday!

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    1. Thanks Jody! It has been fun... so far.