Friday, January 15, 2016

Carving Images for Prints

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

On Saturday I taught several people how to carve images to make prints. One of my printed postcards "On The Road in Houston" was in a 2013 pack of The Printers Guild and sold at The Printing Museum. I carved the driver and words. Lettering is tricky since it must be carved backwards. 
I have been carving since 1990 and sold my prints at The Printing Museum in Houston. I also authored an article published in RubberStampMadness in 1992, Sept./Oct. - Sculpting The Image. The material I carve comes from Nasco (currently I have no affiliation) - 800-558-9595.

In the past I taught Carving at a few places including The Printing Museum and The Houston Calligraphy Guild. Now I am a part of the Rubber Amateur Press Society. We swap quarterly pages with our new carvings. In a past swap I used a Ukrainian currency - pre-Euro dollars. I carved an angelic figure after increasing the size on my copier. I used Foundational calligraphy to write the Rilke quote.

These are the linoleum cutting tools I use; I buy them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The set costs about $20 and has 5 blades.  Mostly I use the #1 lino fine carving tool before I gauge out big pieces of material. I encourage you to try carving - it is lots of fun!


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    1. Thanks Sandee! Most of what I do takes practice which is fun for me too.

  2. Your rabbit has always been one of my favorites...great posting!

    1. Thanks EJ! Fun for my Facebook Easter posting.