Friday, February 19, 2016

Fabric Book of Intentions

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

I took a workshop from Lisa Englebrecht during November 2012. The workshop was called: Book of Intentions: Hand Lettered Fabric Book. The supply list included these instructions: Also bring a sense of openness and a loosely composed list of what you’d like to have happen to you artistically in the future!

I brought photos from a trip Kevin (husband) and I took to the Grand Canyon which truly warrants the word: AWESOME. These are the pages from my Fabric Book of Intentions. My intention was to have adventures inspiring creativity.

In the workshop we painted smooth cotton canvas - 10 by 20 inches for the pages that we bought at Joann’s. A yard of fabric was also included in our materials fee. The fabric cover was 12 by 24 inches, so I needed several yards but at $6 a yard, it was OK.

I had bought Lisa’s paperback book in 2010, Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering which remains an exceptional resource for me; it includes lessons in various hands (fonts) of calligraphy, information about spacing, how to hold a pen; and shows examples of lettering on fabric including a few pieces from Teesha Moore.

In the workshop I also bought Lisa’s DVD, Hand Lettering on Fabric which has recently reminded me how much I learned in Lisa's two day workshop.

I brought a purple heart I crocheted. Supplies included: FW Acrylic Ink, brushes, pins, scissors, etc. What I did not have already, was a purple disappearing  ink pen for fabric from Walmart or Joann’s. Lisa demonstrated her calligraphy, photo and foil transfer techniques.

Lisa’s handouts had about 20 pages with techniques and lettering samples, plus a sheet called 12 Ways to Wabi-Sabi which included “cultivate imperfection” another way to say, embracing flaws; and “cultivate craft” meaning to provide a tactile meditation.

When I went to the Visual Art Journaling group a few weeks ago I mentioned Lisa’s workshop to Cori, who had also attended. I was sad that I had not finished sewing the book. So, over the last few weeks I worked on finishing touches and putting this book together.

The book is sewn with a 5 hole pamphlet stitch. I made the holes with a Japanese Screw Punch. I used 2 colors of embroidery thread from Michael's on a Size 18 needle.

I started sewing at the top of the book from outside, in and out going down the 5 holes and then going up again in and out to arrive back where I started and I tied a knot up at the first hole. I also added beads, making a double knot on each side of the bead to hold it in place - of course a dragon bead since 2012 was The Year of the Dragon!

Also sadly, the beautiful, encouraging, talented Lisa passed away on November 10, 2014. Lisa’s blog is still active at Visit her blog to have some sense of how magical and inspiring she was! 


Happy that I finally finished this book! Please - if you make one of these fabric books, please post a photo - Comments section. I would love to hear from you!

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