Friday, February 26, 2016

Handmade Gift Box

©Anne Rita Taylor 2016

I used to buy small gift boxes until I learned how to make them out of paper and card stock.  They are easy to make and the colors can be coordinated with your gift. The gift here is a heart-shaped glass paperweight.

Arnold Grummer paper making kit
For a 3 inch square box and 1 and 1/2 inches deep:
Paper used for top of box should be 1/4 inch bigger than card used for the bottom:
Top - Hand-made paper, size 8 inches square, follow the link to make paper here.
Bottom - Cover stock, 7 3/4 inches square

Directions are the same for both Top and Bottom paper and cover stock:
• Fold four corners into center.

• While corners are folded, fold into thirds, left and right edges to center, both ways.

• Cut 4 corners diagonally up to the point where the folds meets that you just made when you folded both ways into thirds.

• This is the most important step, so here is another view of the 4 corners diagonally cut.

• Pull out right and left sides and fold in the cut corners that you just made.

• Pull up middle sides, stand top and bottom walls up and over the cut triangle tabs.

The size of this gift box can be used for a small keychain book, beaded necklace, or even a small paperweight less than 3 inches.

Tie a pretty color-coordinated ribbon around the box, hand stamp a butterfly on a tag, finish with your sentiments.

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