Friday, September 23, 2016

Making Books with Beads

I’m having fun this week making books with beads. Using my beads from CJ Bead Store in Katy.  

I made this beaded fringe book in a Houston workshop a few years ago.

It was very pretty with feather charms and various sizes of beads. As I remember - it took all day. So far I have not made another one exactly like it!

This week I made similar books using only a few beads with the Coptic binding. 
I used stiff board covers with 5 holes. And on the 5 signatures I used 7 holes with two for the kettle stitch at each end. The amount of thread is 10 times the length of the spine. 
An important part of Coptic binding is to cross the thread over the last inserted thread and go back with your needle into the same hole.
There are many kinds of Coptic binding tutorials.  There is an excellent online resource: click here.
I need to use some of these keys I collected. How do you use your collections; I would love to hear from you!
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016


  1. Love the beads added to the books, bet your class will be loads of fun! And you can always send me those keys...just

    1. Thanks Sandee! I got carried away buying skeleton-type keys a few years ago; recently used that one on the book. OK - if I do not use them soon - I'll send them to you!

  2. Oh I love these! They are so pretty. Do you ever sell the books you make? I have a crazy obsession with journals! I have too many that haven't been used yet! Ha.

    1. Thanks Chasa! I do sell books I make: - on Etsy. I use blank journals for everyday stuff: grocery lists, practice calligraphy; glue receipts, ticket stubs; I look back & am amazed at all I accomplished.