Friday, September 9, 2016

Lettering Text & Texture

Creating experimental calligraphy pages during a three day workshop with Yukimi Annand - from the Los Angeles area - was so much fun! Please try some of these suggestions.

Start by using Sumi ink with increasingly larger pieces of balsa wood to make marks and write the alphabet. My 12 x 18 inch paper from Hobby Lobby, has 60 sheets: multi-media art paper for less than $10.

Yukimi handed out about 20 instruction pages, with quotes taken from a book I own and love: Wabi Sabi

Quote by Claude Monet: The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.

Try making one letter in many different ways. And then try a whole alphabet using the stick letters.

Use brushes with rags attached playing with Yukimi’s favorite colors: FW Acrylic - Payne’s Gray and Burnt Umber.

Create abstract pieces, work with Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof WhiteThe third day we put our book together: one-sided pages with glue stick covered with folded black Arches paper. Each person took center stage to show how we worked.

Fun to play! Class photos below taken by Yukimi Annand.

At home I played with one of my pieces to add some color with Prismacolor pencils.
I would love to hear from you - any questions or how you enjoy experimenting with your lettering, making marks, text and texture.
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016


  1. I wish we had a group like this close by, what fun you are having! I love the lettering!

  2. Thanks Sandee! Go to this link for calligraphy groups in North Carolina:

  3. I'm still learning with calligraphy. But I love the rough texture in some of these. There's something almost woodsy about it!


    1. Thanks Kiersten! With calligraphy mostly it's practice and more practice - of course fun too!