Friday, September 16, 2016

Knotting a Pearl Necklace

I met with the Crafters Anonymous group on Saturday, a local crafting group.

We bring whatever craft we are working on. I brought beads and supplies to make necklaces. Plus I repaired a few of my necklaces, one has a Guillamine bead I bought in Africa.

On January 29th I wrote about creating with beads - click here to read that blog. 

I recently bought faux pearls at CJ Bead Store in Katy. Last summer I took a pearl knotting class there from Joy. I made two necklaces in small and larger size faux pearls. The supplies include: fish hook clasp, two knotting crimps, bead cord and pearls.
Plus the tools include scissors, needle-nose pliers, and this long needle awl.
First you thread the knotting crimp, make a knot, hook the crimp onto the fish hook, as pictured.
The difficult part of pearl knotting is getting the knots in between and up close against each pearl.
Place the tip of your thumb up against the knot to make sure it rests close to the pearl. My finished pearl necklace I made this week is sized in between my two others. 
Plus I made these necklaces to give as gifts. I plan to give them as Christmas gifts in 3 months. Tell my nieces not to look!
I’m glad I bought several large Guillamine beads, also known as African Trade Beads, when I visited Africa. Bead prices range from 50 cents for smaller beads up to $25.00!
Please let me know if you have tried knotting a pearl necklace or if you have any questions about how to go about doing it.
©Anne Rita Taylor 2016


  1. I had no clue how to knot a pearl necklace! It looks like the awl makes it so much easier. I've been keeping my eyes open for some beads or stones that I like to make a new bracelet. I'll have to try this out!

    Also, I love the idea of Crafters Anonymous!


  2. Thanks Kiersten! The awl does make it easier - and CJ Beads has mail ordering too.

  3. Wow this looks so cool! I never thought about this - and you make is look so easy peasy! =D

    xoRosie//Rosie's Life